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Translating values and elevating the CSCM brand presence to the global podium. 


Sports, non-for-profit  


The brand promise found in the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba’s tagline to POWER PODIUM PERFORMANCES IN MANITOBA sets the potential to place the CSCM brand on a world stage. 


The Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba was going through a renaissance including a change in leadership. Its marketing department was inexistent having undergone a period of high turnover. Their website was built on a coding language that was obsolete compared to the requirements on the new digital landscape. Most of CSCM’s marketing materials, including athlete features and promotional pieces dated back to 2005-2007. The medallion created by the Canadian Sport Network and its regional moniker were the only existing and relevant marketing assets in 2014. 


This brand is particularly close to Luisa’s heart. In fact, she started to document her work process while employed as the Marketing and Events Manager at CSCM from December 2014 to December 2015. 

Luisa dove deeply into the documentation and found lots of great content and context to express the new brand. In collaboration with the leadership team at CSCM, they developed a list of needs and wants in which a marketing strategy could anchor. This included the identification of the local and national ecosystem in which the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba co-existed. It was a year of discovery and building. Parallel to which existing projects, programs and fundraising efforts took place. The first and most important undertaking was the redesign and development of the cscm.ca website. The fully bilingual website was built on a limited budget (compared to market prices), and it was built within 10 months from concept to launch.* 

The new website is fully operational, secure and configured within Google Analytics. This was paramount to establishing CSCM’s digital presence and increasing its social media following.

*This context is shared with permission from Jeff Powell, General Manager at CSCM because Luisa left the role at CSCM in December 2015 and returned in a consultant capacity in January 2017. 

Brand expansion and visual identity development

Temporary brand assets were developed to launch the website. And in 2017 the CSCM brand was expanded to include more dynamic typography, attractive visuals, graphic elements, owned photography and an expanded colour pallet, all of which helped us package and claim programs, create and deliver presentations in a more aesthetically pleasing and professional manner. The attractive visuals and written work informed by the strategic plan helped us tell CSCM’s story in a consistent and unified way. 

The output of this effort was a brand guide and a complete set of complementary brand assets. 

Office makeover  

Expressing the brand especially meant living out its core values. By conducting and participating in workshops we facilitated a new way of working and interacting at CSCM. 

Also, a new colour palette and a refreshed brand sparked a need to apply its fresh new look to its physical space. 

We engaged with various office furnishing vendors in the city. We dreamed of a space where a small team of 10 staff and our athletes could interact and work together. Previously the Centre used two distinct office spaces creating a separation between the multidisciplinary teams. Our effort required that we move and create space for the entire team to work within the same space. To allow for private consultation and meeting spaces, we worked with the landlord to accommodate a consultation room, which was also furnished and to have access to already existing meeting rooms within the Active Living Centre and the Frank Kennedy Centre at the University of Manitoba. 

The project proved itself challenging as the square footage is limited given the scope of their needs and the size of the team. Although the workstations were within close proximity of each other, we outfitted the facility with ergonomic task chairs and retractable standing desks. The second part included a meeting space, a small kitchen area equipped with a fridge, microwave and small appliances and a lounging area for both the staff and athletes to share and enjoy. 

Project Types

  • Brand expansion and visual identity development    
  • Email marketing through newsletters
  • Event execution and support, including the inaugural RBC Training Ground 
  • Identification of technical needs, including setup through TechSoup Canada 
  • Google analytics 
  • Marketing and events  
  • Office makeover
  • Social media strategy and execution 
  • Website development and maintenance


  • Manitoba