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M&A is a fully bilingual consulting agency servicing clients in English and Spanish. Luisa, our founder and principal consultant, has over 20 years of international experience, having worked with brands and agencies locally and abroad. She becomes an extension of the marketing teams we support.

At M&A, we take the risk of being a little different. We think of new ways to disrupt and challenge the status quo. Our goal is to empower people to reach their brand’s goals, providing efficient, innovative and measurable work processes without neglecting imagination, ingenuity and creative freedom.

Our process begins by digging deep to uncover and understand what you already have, what you do and how you do business – focusing on the fundamentals first.

We then rethink the way you’re doing business. Whether it’s the format of an (in-person, virtual or hybrid) event, the operations of your marketing team, or the functionality of your environment, we create change for the better.

Magic happens when we refine your messaging, rethink your space (digitally and physically)and build beautiful visuals that will help tell your story and elevate your brand at the global level – expanding, transforming or reinventing brands, projects and experiences.

We pause at the end of each stage to celebrate the progress, learnings and unprecedented results!



Miranda & Alarcón partners with industry experts in development, design and production, content creation and more. This network offers leading insights and practical experience that drive results.

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